A Fairy-Tale For All Ages!
Vladimira Kuna
International Best-Selling Author
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PLUS... when you Order NOW, you will receive a BONUS Downloadable Coloring Book: Give your children a fun activity that anchors in the values and moral-based messaging from the story!
About The Book
“The soft blue moonlight spread a blanket of sparkling glitter across the forest floor. Just as midnight approached, six dwarfs almost invisibly jumped out of hiding through the enormous fern bushes and landed on the soft moss."

And so begins this delightful fairy-tale written for all ages. Inside, you and your family will be captivated by the tale of a common boy, a princess, dwarves and fairies as they work through the confusion of loyalty, love, and magic. It's sure to please any child (and their reading partner!) who loves a magical world and all of its secrets. 

You’ll meet Aaron, the common boy, who learns to trust and in the process finds his own special love... you’ll meet the dwarfs - young and old, who learn to set aside their desires of personal gain for a greater purpose… you’ll meet Princess Zora, who attracts pure love from everyone around her… as well as others, while their adventures and lessons fill your heart with suspense and joy.

Beautiful illustrations enhance the fairy-tale to contribute to the overall fun and enjoyment of this memorable story. Come and join in this magical journey and allow your imagination to soar!
Would you love to add a NEW timeless story that teaches life-long lessons to your children's library?

“In The Realm of The Magic Ruby, is an engaging tale of love, truth, forgiveness, and magic. It is beautifully illustrated and will be enjoyed by children many times over, who will appreciate the timeless message - that love is the greatest treasure of all.”

- Heather Lean, Bestselling Author of Angel Grandma, God Hears My Song, and Isn't It a Miracle?
The NEW edition of a Czech Classic Story: A Note From The Author

"I am honoured and feel very privileged to re-tell four amazing stories with such important moral messages; this book is the first of these four stories. 

Marie Calma is the Czechoslovakian author of the original story, which she gifted to me and entrusted me to breathe light into again.

I am so delighted and grateful to acknowledge and honour this amazing and powerful woman. Thank you Marie!"

- Vladimira Kuna, Author of this book and the International Best-Seller Bible Of The Masterminds
“This fairy-tale, written for all ages, provides a wonderful understanding of the true gifts in life. The story captivates, inspires and takes you on an exceptional journey of discovery. Allow yourself to be swept away in the land of make believe. You may find that you truly enjoy the experience.”

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author
“When Vladi told me about this book I immediately wanted to read it. What I was happy to discover is that this was not just a book about a long forgotten Czech fairy-tale but something truly wonderful. This is for both children and adults and it demonstrates pure love, the power of dreaming big, and the importance of vision and faith regardless of where you are in life.

Pick up this book. You won’t be sorry and you’ll be in for the ride of your life.”

Phillip Goldfine, Academy Award Winning Hollywood Producer
“This fairy-tale is entertaining and has great characters. Its descriptions set the imagination to work. It tells of the struggles of a young boy who endures hardship and blessings and works through the confusion of loyalty, love, and magic. Yet its ending is full of hope. This tale is great for children and the adults who read to them - just as Anderson said stories should be.”

Michelle Snyder, Author, Symbology Expert and Founder & VP of Enzmann Archives
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About The Author
Vladimira Kuna is the Slovak-born International Best-Selling Author of “The Bible of The Masterminds” and currently lives in the UK. 

Her two abundant and open-minded children, Joshua and Elizabeth, have unleashed her hidden power of writing. She is in love with personal growth, writing books, traveling, serving others and finds joy in the life she has chosen – and that has chosen her!

Vladimira is also a Belief & Self-Mastery Mentor and is extremely passionate about helping others fulfill their dreams. On her phenomenal journey, mindset coaching became her life purpose and the growth she is experiencing while helping others is simply priceless.

Vladimira is also a climber & mountaineer and loves adventure & nature. Vladimira is in love with climbing both physical and mental mountains and finds joy in her journey every step of the way. She is grateful for having become an author and coach and loves who she became in the process.

Vladimira is known for her loving heart, and cares extremely for everyone – especially children. She really believes there is abundance everywhere and pure love is the TRUE core to all there is.
What Readers Are Saying...
“This is a delightful fairy-tale about hope and what happens when you come into contact with ‘angels’ who are willing to help you. In this case, a group of dwarfs, who assist a tired and lonely young man to once again, dream. In the beginning, most of them see helping him as their gain, however, one dwarf understands the boy on a much deeper level and proceeds to do in selflessness what the other dwarfs fail to see. The boy learns to trust and in the process, finds his own special love. The one requirement is that he must leave his past behind in order to be able to enjoy the world around him in all its fullness. An expansive story for children and adults alike.”

Renata Natale, Author of Casting Away: Adventures of A Dead Man
“In The Realm of The Magic Ruby is a story filled with adventure, empathy, curiosity, temptation, desire, courage, love and integrity – and beautifully demonstrates how challenges and mistakes can lead to divine and beautiful endings ... which I might add ... are really new beginnings. As a Father, I love the lessons this book teaches kids and adults alike! Thank you, Vladimira, for bringing this gift to the world’s spotlight.”

Trace Haskins, Author of Prosperous On Purpose
“In the Realm of the Magic Ruby, is a captivating fairy tale full of essential life lessons which will inspire any parent and child to believe in the unseen magic that is all around us. This beautifully illustrated and creatively written fairytale delivers the magic of installing empowering thoughts, faith and supportive beliefs that will last a lifetime. A must for any parent or child to read together and co-create a life full of joy, abundance and gratitude.”

Roddy Telfer, Business, Mindset and Marketing Coach
“In ‘The Realm of The Magic Ruby’, we are reminded of the power of doing the right thing, even in the face of temptation and pressure. Through the compelling story of Aaron, a boy who makes a mistake but ultimately finds the courage to correct it, we learn valuable lessons about honesty, integrity, and the importance of standing up for what is right.

The characters in this tale are relatable and endearing, from the demanding dwarf who leads Aaron astray to the kind and generous princess whose forgiveness and love inspire him to make amends. 

The journey of Aaron's transformation from a misguided boy to a noble hero is one that will stay with readers long after the final pages are turned.
Whether you're a child learning the importance of honesty or an adult who needs a reminder of the value of doing what is right, ‘In The Realm of The Magic Ruby’ is a must-read. 

This story is a testament to the enduring power of honesty, integrity, and forgiveness, and it is sure to touch the hearts of readers of all ages.”

Norman Gräter, International Multi Award Winning Mindset Speaker & Gamechanger
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